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First Home Owner's Grant

First Home Owner's Grant (FHOG)

You are eligible for the Australian Government’s First Home Owner Grant if, you:

  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Are buying or building your first home in Australia
  • Have the intention of occupying the property as your principal place of residence within 12 months of the settlement.

If you are buying the property in conjunction with others, they must also meet the same criteria for the grant to be applicable.

If you’re eligible you can receive the grant regardless of your income, the area in which you are planning to buy or build, or the value of your first home. The grant is not means tested and no tax is payable on it.

How much is available under the FHOG?

The First Home Owner's Grant is a national scheme funded by the Federal Government. The grant offers First Home Buyers $7,000 towards their first home.

There is also a range of state concessions available, and your Citiwide Lending Specialist will walk you through these.

It’s a great opportunity to help you get into your first home, and your Citiwide Lending Specialist can help submit your application. Hurry because the FHB is only available until June 30, 2010.

To find out more about the First Home Buyer's Grant, arrange an appointment with your local Citiwide home loan specialist.

Additional state based FHOG concessions

There is also a range of state concessions available on top of the First Home Owner Boost Grant. Your local Citiwide broker can walk you through them.

These grants are available in addition to the First Home Owner Boost Grant.


Victoria's State Revenue Office has a First Home Bonus scheme that is available until 30 June 2010 and offers $11,000 on top of the $7,000 FHOG for first-time buyers purchasing a newly constructed home and $2,000 on top of the FHOG if you’re buying an established dwelling.

Victoria also has a Regional Bonus Scheme operating until 30 June 2010. First-home buyers can receive another $4,500 on top of the FHOG and the Home Bonus sheme if you buy a newly constructed dwelling in a regional municipality.


New South Wales

Until 30 june 2010, a NSW New Home Buyers Supplement of $3,000 is available on top of the existing $7,000 grant for eligible First Home Owner Grant for applicants building a new home or buying a newly constructed home. So if you are a New South Wales resident you may receive total grants of $10,000.

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South Australia

South Australia’s First Home Bonus Grant is worth an additional $4,000 on dwellings with a market value of up to $400,000. the value of the grant is reduced by 48 cents for every $100 of value in excess of $400,000; the grant is reduced to zero when the value of the dwelling reaches $450,000.

You need to enter into a first home contract on or after 5 June 2008 and owner builders need to commence construction on or after 5 June 2008. The FHBG replaces the Stamp Duty First Home Concession Scheme.

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Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government is providing the $14,000 Build-start bonus to anyone who wants to purchase or build a new home in the Northern Territory, even if they are not eligible for the First Home Owner Boost.

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